Verizon Defends BitTorrent Users

As sharing copyrighted files has become a very serious issue these days, the individuals, who complete specific tasks that relate to this activity, risk to be monitored and even involved in different legal actions. This thing indirectly tells us that there are numerous legal issues and debates with regard to copying and distributing copyrighted content. Furthermore, the fact that Verizon, which is one of the most important internet providers, gets involved in the copyright battle suggests that different related problems threaten to affect every one of us quite soon. Additionally, numerous officials around the world clearly ask us to adopt a position with regard to whether we sustain or blame illicit use of copyrighted content.

verizon-logo-smartphone2The Truth Is Finally Revealed

Most officials admit that various illicit file sharing-related businesses are very lucrative, delivering profits of millions of dollars to those involved. The hefty profits that characterize this activity provide one of the few reasons why many people are interested in the course of different actions that relate to sharing copyrighted files.

A very intriguing thing is that numerous important companies, such as Verizon, are on the side of the “pirates” who use file sharing programs, such as BitTorrent. A while ago, Verizon has refused to issue the details of a subscriber involved in a file sharing copyrighted lawsuit, who was operating behind a specific IP address. In order to explain its position, Verizon sustained the declaration of a judge, who has recently stated that a specific IP address actually identifies a connection and not a person.

As Verizon has refused to provide the required information, everyone understood that this company indirectly sustains specific sharing copyrighted content activities. However, the main reason why this company decided to adopt this position is mainly due to reliability criteria. In short, Verizon took this decision in order to comply with specific privacy rules, which are gathered under the First Amendment. Verizon also added that the information was demanded for improper purposes, such as increasing litigation costs and causing unnecessary delays.

Understanding Verizon’s Position

As expected, the petitioner again asked the judge to require Verizon to submit the information. As Verizon did not comply with this request, it was finally dropped. This event indirectly tells us that this company does not protect all BitTorrent users, but it definitely defends its subscribers. Therefore, opting for a reliable internet provider is definitely very important especially when your future is at stake.

Verizon did not comply with the requirements of a court, choosing instead to protect its clients’ privacy. Once again, Verizon has proved that it respects its own rules no matter what. Obviously, this is good news for all Verizon clients who may face different legal issues in the future. On the other side, it is essential to know that Verizon does not play the same game for all of its users. The truth is that recently, this company has handed over specific personal details of a few subscribers before getting their permission. Thus, Verizon’s position with regard to specific subpoenas pretty much depends on the lawsuit type. However, one thing is sure: Verizon is not willing to cooperate with any requirements, which relate to sharing copyrighted files, especially if they cause various privacy issues.