New features of isoHunt downloader

The most awaited isoHunt software version 4.7 is now available for users who have been eagerly waiting for its release, in the new version there are many features that were not in the older version such as you get a play now feature in the 4.7 of the program. You also get the ability of faster downloading which is a very good fact for everyone. Now you won’t have to wait for the downloads as you did with the older version because with the new faster download system you can enjoy your downloads in lesser time, and for those of you who like isoHunt there is another good news among the new features. You also get a fully redesigned sidebar, and many more features that will enhance your downloading experience to new heights.

In the latest isoHunt program 4.7 you will see a sparkling green button on the top bar; this green button is the play now button that allows you to play a video torrent file that you are downloading, when you press the green button by selecting any video file torrent the video will start playing and you can enjoy your video anytime, the new features of isoHunt are really amazing which were not provided in the previous ones. When you click the green button or you can say the play now button, it starts analyzing the media file you selected for the amount of bitrate, your speed of downloading and then starts calculating the amount of time that it has to take to play the medias you selected. Once it has done the calculation it starts playing the file so that you can enjoy it at once. It means now you can have the fun of playback and don’t have to wait for the torrent to complete its download. The good news for the isoHunt subscribers is  that you won’t need to spend your  money for the play now feature; that means if you are an isoHunt Pro subscriber you get it for free.

In addition to the play now feature the new isoHunt downloader version is also providing you faster downloads. The programmer at isoHunt has done a massive amount of coding to give speed to their communication with the ecosystem of bittorrents, and the result of so much hard work is getting faster downloads on the program along with the play now button feature. If you are an isoHunt user, you are about to enter the world of instant gratification, but it is depending on the speed of your net connection; therefore if you have a slow internet connection the download will be slow, but if you use high speed connection then isoHunt software can help you to get even faster downloads with Sidebar Facelift.

IsoHunt 4.7 also provides you a totally redesigned sidebar with easy access fractures; the main goal of making the new sidebar was to decrease the clutter and offer the users faster access. Try out the latest functions yourself!