IsoHunt program on different devices

IsoHunt downloader is actually a bittorrent client which manages downloads and uploads using the bittorrent protocol. It was formerly known as azureus. It runs on Microsoft windows, Mac OS and Linux. The programming language is java and SWT. It is loaded with lots of amazing features like magnetic URI, super seeding, an embedded tracker, peer exchange and encryption as well.

Apart from this, it also supports cache, web seeding, broad catching and SOCKS too. You can avail selective downloads features too. If you install the plug-in, you can then use the remote control via web feature as well.

This software helps you in downloading music and movies and burning them to your DVDs with ease. These days isoHunt has found integrated support in a lot of various mobile devices like phones based on android platform, blackberry phones, Samsung tablets, apple iPhone, even Xbox 360 and play station as well.

So, with the use of isoHunt software, you can easily playback your favorite stuffs which you have downloaded with ease. These days a lot of people are looking for new ways to make the best use of their mobile phones or tablet devices. With the help of isoHunt, you can change the way you have been operating it.

Recently it announced its support for all electronic devices that had DLNA support. DLNA stands for digital living network alliance and is a non-profit organization which helps in defining interoperability guidelines and thus helps in sharing multimedia between various devices.

So, with the help of this extended support, you can now use isoHunt with a lot of different devices and thus channelize the constant flow of music and movies in different devices, no matter be it your tablet phone, your Xbox or even your play station or other high definition TV. This software uses newer peer to peer model which facilitates faster bulk downloading and transfer from different points in the internet.

You can get a lot of details while downloading so it facilitates easy downloading by searching the right files that are not going to be corrupted. Further, you can transfer them with ease as the interface is extremely easy to operate. You can find a drop down list of all the supported devices and pick your smart phone or your play station or even your television set with ease. Once you have done that, easily stream tracks between different devices and enjoy high quality audio, video or movies on your mobiles and television.

Thus, a lot of people are making use of this ultimate software for enjoying unadulterated entertainment on the go. This is one of the best software which provides amazing meta search as you get to see a lot of parameters apart from just the seeds and leeches. Also, the results that are returned are extensive as you can find a lot of sites. The rankings are also provided so that you can judge the right site. As soon as the file is downloaded it is added to your isoHunt library from where you can transport it to all your supported devices and enjoy happy hours of entertainment!