How isoHunt has developed during the years

IsoHunt is famed for being the most demotic search engine of BitTorrent and it is estimated that approximately 40 million exclusive searches are performed by users each month. The number of torrents that are added and removed from it on daily basis is in thousands and it is hard to estimate the accurate figure. It vaunted of having 7.4 million exclusive visitors in the year 2006 and the number has since then being increasing at a steady rate.

History of isoHunt

The history of isoHunt dates back to January 2003 and was founded by Gary Fung, a citizen of Canada. He is known to be the both, the creator and the owner of this commercially used Bittorrent site. IsoHunt derives its name from the word ISO image which is largely in use to explain a disk’s 1:1 soft copy (typically a DVD or CD). This site saw many ups and downs in its way and was barred from its operation in the year 2007 on the charges of copyright infringement.  This incident took place on the 16th of January, 2007 albeit the charges were filed in the year 2006.

After an important upgrade in its hardware, isoHunt resumed operation on the 22nd of January, 2007. Since then it has been experiencing quite a few short periods of successive downtime owing to the problems faced by server changes. However, things have drastically improved over the years and have become synonymous with P2P search engines.

Even in the beginning of the year 2010, Canadian users along the south eastern region as well as users residing in United States of America were readdressed to the use of a version known as isoHunt Lite which was highly stripped down. This action was taken to eradicate the few causes which were used for the purpose of determination of liability infringement. But, since the beginning of 2012, full access of authority has been granted.

The year 2007 albeit was full of some legal difficulties for the creator but Gary Fung managed to incorporate some major changes for the betterment. The sever set-up was restructured and new hardware were purchased to be part of the cluster that helped in the operation of this site. This cluster was found to comprise of 34 Opteron cores, RAM having capacity of 30 GB and hard drives which were 30 in number.

The network commenced with a switch, the especially designed D-Link switch but isoHunt was forced to enter the Force10 switch owing to the multiple failures it witnessed in the D-Link switch. At present isoHunt has been uplinked to the status of bandwidth providers., the spinoff site was launched on the 2nd of September, 2009 to serve the purpose of enabling it to perform like social networking site also. Its goal was to develop a place for social groupings which was to be based on particular niches so as to share certain contents related to the interest of the users. Since the time isoHunt announced the launch of this an increase in the number of uses has been witnessed.

G. Fung in 2006