Change your bittorrent operations faster

Bittorrent with a great speed can be really fun to work with. Below are some suggestions that might help you to maximize your ease of download.


Steps to barge into the TCP connections that are half exposed

If you are a user of XP sp2, the TCP connections that can be harnessed are usually limited to 10 and not more than that. This limitation might badly hamper your downloading speed as it may not allow you to establish connection with as many peers as you may wish to. The best way to get rid of this problem is to download this software application.

This software application gives the user the power to create as many connections as they want.

The next step would be to configure the torrent client in such a way that it allows 50-100 half exposed TCP connections at the max. The steps to be followed would be:

uTorrent: Steps to proceed are from Options, go to Preferences and then in Advanced options choose net.max_halfopen.

Bitcomet: In this the steps would be to go from Options to Preferences, to Connection and then to max half-open TCP.

Having done this you are ready to start working. However, before starting it is important to remember that some “windows updates” can push back your updated TCP connections to the same levels of its original capability of just 10. So it’s always advisable that you check the same at regular intervals. The process to do this would be to go to Start then Control Panel then move on to Administrative Tools followed by Event Viewer and then System. Arrange by event and look for event 4226.

Configuration settings for Torrent Client

Before you start working on these tips it is important that you are well aware of the highest upload and download speed that you can avail of. You can easily find out about the speed from the options, settings or preference windows of majority of the available torrent clients.

1.    Highest Upload Speed: This probably is the most vital setting that you need to keep track of. Your optimal upload speed can be determined by the formula: 80% of the highest upload speed that you get. But, keep seeding to keep a track.

2.    Highest Download Speed: An infinite download speed would be a great treat but all that is so lucrative comes with a cost and here it would be badly tampering your connection. A maximum download speed of 95% should give you desirable results without any negative impact.

3.    Maximum connected peers per torrent: In the following scenario the setting that has been seen to work best is: “upload speed x 1.3”.  When this is used there will be no noticeable difference between the connection that is fast and slow.

4.    Maximum upload zones:  The following formula when used gives you the best result: 1 + (upload speed/6).

More tips:

Checking seeds and peers: When looking for torrents always go with the ones that have the best seed to peer ratio. The more the seeds to peers, the better the result is.

Changing default port: BitTorrent’s default port is 6881-6999. To get service of better standards remember to change the port to any that suits you.

Disabling Windows firewall: Firewalls like Kerio, etc. are best used instead of a Windows firewall.

Turning on Encryption: When your torrents are encrypted it is sure to prevent throttling ISP’s from interfering with your BitTorrent traffic.

Optimizing internet connection: The TCP enhancer which is a freeware application helps enhance the internet connectivity by way of speeding up your internet connection for regular activity and requirements like downloading torrents. Once downloaded, just change the settings to your maximum download rate. Set it at high rates will slacken your download speed, so beware.