Best VPN Services Available on the Web

vpn-for-pc-or-macVPN or virtual private network is one of the secure networks that work using public telecommunication infrastructures. These infrastructures are usually in the form of the internet. This infrastructure helps to provide an access to a central network for people who travel as well as for office which are located in some remote offices. The VPNs usually make sure that the remote users use network that has been authenticated. It also tends to secure the data with proper encryption technologies and firewall so that it can prevent any kind of disclosure of different kinds of private information to parties which are unauthorized to get them. There are certain benefits of VPN services as well.

What is VPN?  

First of all it helps to reduce cost for the technology because it does not require physical lines to connect the users through intranet. The VPN services has existed for quite a long time today the IP VPN has also become common in the internet industry because it helps to reduce cost but increases security as well as bandwidth. There are different types of VPN that can be used for a number of purposes. VPN can be used to service any kind of network functionality that is available in a particular network. You can share data and get access to various network resources as well as to databases and printers and websites.

Types of VPN

Once you understand what VPN is, it is also important to find out the types of VPN that are available these days. The first kind of VPN that has become popular is the PPTP VPN which is also known as the dial up VPN. This method is quite simple and also used a lot by the VPN service provider. This system is actually based on software that tends to use the prevalent internet connection of your system. It creates a tunnel which is secured between two points and hence allows the remote user to get connected to remote network. This connection can be set up with the help of different kinds of hardware as well as software.

You can also find some kind of overhead associated with the connection because the data transmitted as well as received are all encrypted. One of the benefits of this system is that it does not require any or low cost to set up the whole system. This is the reason why this system is sometimes even known as the poor man’s VPN. The next VPN which is widely used by the network connectors is the point to point VPN. This system can also be called as a traditional VPN. It is also known as leased line VPN. In this system at least two or more than that network are connected with each other through the use of a dedicated line from an ISP.

The lines used in this case can either be circuit or packet switched. The performance of this kind of VPN is quite fast and trustworthy. There are no problems in the lines or in the routing because of some external congestion. But the problem with this kind of connection is that they might be expensive. Once you get this kind of a connection you need not worry about your network. The next type is the site to site VPN. The site to site VPN is almost similar to the point to point one but with some differences. In this system you do not get dedicated line.

In this system each of the sites works with its own internet connection sometimes with the same ISP while sometimes the same types. In this case there are routers at both the ends which perform all the work. The encryption as well as routing is done with the help of the routers at both ends. It becomes quite easy to connect two different offices in this system through the network. The system can perform its task with the help of software and hardware that are based on firewall. The technology used for this system is either GRE or IPSec.

The last type of VPN that can be used is MPLS VPNs. This is an ISP tuned VPN. The VPN requires connecting at least 2 or more sites which is connected through the same ISP. You might even connect and configure the VPN with different ISPs but the problem is that you do not get a good or the same performance. MPLS or multi protocol label switching was actually designed to improve the original speed of the routers. Before you look for different kinds of VPNs it is important to consider a number of things such as the amount of bandwidth, cost and number of users, topology and finally security.

Why is VPN Needed?

But it is very important to understand that cheaper is not always the better. It is therefore important to compare the various VPN technologies before considering them. Taking the cheapest route is always not the good for your network. After this you need to learn why you need the VPN for your system. There are various benefits that you tend to get from the VPN services. With the help of the VPN services you can access different kinds of resources in a network. You might have to use the resource when you are not plugged in to the original network socket.

You can use the resource when you need to work from home or when you are traveling outside. You can also use the resource when you are working from some kind of remote site as well as from some wireless network. There are various resources that are available in a particular network which can be accessed with the help of the VPN network.

There are lots of VPN providers available in the market these days. But it has been found that all the providers usually do not keep their promises as they claim. It is always important to choose a VPN service that can actually keep the privacy secured.