About isoHunt Lite

isohunt-lite3IsoHunt is a collection of over 1.7 million indexed torrents in the database and more than 20 million peers. There is a huge number of unique visitors for this site. It is considered as one of the most popular sites as Bit Torrent search engines. On daily basis, torrents in terms of thousands are either inserted or deleted from the database. The users of this site get the privilege to search over forty million unique types of search calculated over one month. After the year of 2008, isoHunt crossed the limit of 1 petabyte for globally indexed torrents. It ranks as the third most popular Bit torrent site from the year 2008. On the recent research, it has been disclosed that more than 13.44 petabytes of information or data has been shared. The founder of this site is a Canadian guy named Gary Fung.

The name of the site comes from the idea of ISO image which is generally used to explain a 1:1 copy of a disk (maybe a CD or DVD). The site has been charged by many associations such as MPAA for copyright infringement. The founder of the isoHunt made massive hardware update and overcame these difficulties. These update resulted in creation of isoHunt Lite which redirects the users in Canada and US to this stripped version.

IsoHunt Lite is an incomplete version of the torrent system and the full version can be still accessed by the users of south eastern section of Canada and US with the help of web proxy such as anonymous. It removes all the factors that made the full version fall as a victim to the law of copy infringement. This site basically shares files over the internet for free. The unique search system and easy access to the huge database leads to multiple downloading from this site. The isoHunt Lite is completely devoid of any copy infringement links. The founder made this site with an .hk domain. He designed this site like google and yahoo whose search engines could also very well fall under the file-sharing corporate sectors. This site enables the users to search the torrents from this site and get relevant information for what they were searching for.

IsoHunt Lite shares torrent of recent movies which generally get released in the theaters a few months prior to sharing it. In this way, any movie can’t go unwatched. Even if we have problems to watch these movies at theater due to any personal reason, one can always use this site to search the corresponding torrent and download the relevant data using µtorrent and vuze clients. But the best choice would be the isoHunt download software. Besides movies, one can search torrents for relevant softwares and television serials. Movies are categorized based on the print they are available such as same movie can have different torrent for blue ray version of the print or the normal DVD print. PC games are also shared using these indexed torrents. The torrents available are checked for authentication and only verified torrents are shared. In this way, this site proved to be a big boon to the millions of the users of this site.