How BitTorrent works

BitTorrent is a peer to peer protocol which lets users connect to each other, forming a virtual network to share data. In this guide we will describe in simple words, how to use a BitTorrent client to download files. The first step is to understand how BitTorrent works. If you just want to get started … Read more…

Faster downloads

IsoHunt has the amazing software which is reliable in order to get faster downloads. It is often suggested as the best option for video editing function and formatting video files. Its latest version has been launched in December, 2011. Faster downloads become a necessity in this modern world of online users. Especially, youth are seen … Read more…

About isoHunt Lite

IsoHunt is a collection of over 1.7 million indexed torrents in the database and more than 20 million peers. There is a huge number of unique visitors for this site. It is considered as one of the most popular sites as Bit Torrent search engines. On daily basis, torrents in terms of thousands are either … Read more…

The Help (2011) HD

About the activity of the 1960s when the maids of the African-American families faced extreme difficulties in their everyday lives. The movie sees these problems through the eyes of the maids and the author is describing these civil rights movements in quite a decent manner.  

One Day (2011) HD

Dexter and Em spent the last night of their college period together and after that they will be shown annually on this day what they are doing and how their lives are going on. It has occured that Dexter and Em are sometimes sharing time with each other on that date, but not always.